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GreyCare is the latest service to be offered by GreyArmy.  It is a totally unique offer in Home Support.  


GreyArmy has been servicing the needs of the mature aged for over 20 years. 


GreyArmy began as a resource for mature aged people to engage with one another in the sourcing and provision of services.  The focus initially was property maintenance work.  Over time our business has grown to include a long list of skilled services, and now includes Commercial work for many corporations, councils and quasi government organisations.


While our service offering has broadened, our core values of honesty, integrity and trust remain unchanged.

Why GreyCare?

The move into Home Support (both Aged Care and Disability Support) was a natural extension of our current broad range of services.  It was initiated after considerable demand from our existing clients highlighted a need for a better Support service.


In response we developed GreyCare, and in the process reinvented Home Support!


Our new model provides the incentive to ensure customers receive outstanding service.


All our team are self employed!  Why?  Because it allows them to have more control over their work schedule, allows them to earn more, and makes them happier!  We think this is an important difference because it ultimately reflects in the service they provide to our customers.  It’s obvious really, happy, motivated people provide better service, and are simply nicer to be around.

In everything we do we act with integrity and respect.  Everyone is treated as an individual with their own unique needs and goals. 


This means first and foremost we listen.  We’ve been listening for over 20 years so we are pretty good at it.

What to expect from GreyCare

The concept of “TotalCare”

With a rich history in servicing the mature aged we have come to know just how reassuring it can be to have someone you can depend on. 


For many clients the concept of “TotalCare” (where one trusted friend can take care of all your needs) is very appealing. 


With our TotalCare we can provide an all encompassing service so you never have to worry about a thing.  Whether it’s Home Support, Home Modification, or Home Maintenance, we have you covered, inside the home, and outside the home. 


TotalCare is the ultimate solution for allowing people to live independent lives in their own home.

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